For over 19 years, Denim Day has been a staple when it comes to bringing awareness to sexual violence. With tens of millions eager to take action, registered participants seek to find the right tools and the perfect outfit as a symbol of protest against rape culture and sexual violence. This can be intimidating…
… don’t worry, we got you!

We created a play by play for you, just in case you needed a bit of inspiration.

Any pair of jeans will do, and finding the right pair is just like consent, find a fit that’s right for you.
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How about a cool denim jacket? Don’t forget the sunglasses, protect your eyes, while your denim jacket protests sexual violence!
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Or take it back to the 90s, when the Denim Day campaign began, with some denim overalls.
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If it is too hot outside, find an old pair of jeans, get some scissors and make some jorts  You can be ready to end rape culture in any weather!

Show them off and wear them with pride, after all it’s your body!

Protesting sexual violence during Denim Day is so easy, that even a chicken can do it.
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Share the excitement, get all your friends to wear jeans with a purpose.
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And don’t forget to tell your coworkers that your denim protest sexual harassment. Invite them to join you.
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Can’t decide? Just go all out with DENIM EVERYTHING!
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Now that you’re all set, you can make your attire pop with the official Denim Day 2018 shirt, “RAPE CULTURE ENDS WITH ME.” We guarantee it goes with any type of Denim!