Consent isn’t something to be obtained with a simple “yes,” it’s a continual and open negotiation and dialogue. Agreeing or giving in to sex because of coercion or fear is not consent. Just because someone says, “yes,” they want to have sex with you doesn’t mean you have consent to do whatever you want. Consent is about mutual desire, so get specific! Via our 2018 Action Kit, Download here.


1. Unwanted or unsolicited touching is not consent.

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2. No means there is no consent.

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3. If someone is silent, it doesn’t mean they consent.

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4.Persuading someone to engage in sexual activity is not consent.

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5. Just because someone is drinking it does not mean they consent.

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6. If there is no mutual agreement there is no consent.

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7. If you are not sure, just ask if there is consent.

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8. Understand Consent.

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